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Baxter, Angus. In Search of Your European Roots
ISBN: 0-7715-9880-7 (REF/S.C./929.10724/Baxter)

Blockson, Charles. Black Genealog
ISBN: 0-933121-53-9 (R-EF/S.C/929.108996073/

Carmack, Sharon. A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Female Ancestors ISBN: 1-55 870-472-8 (REF/S.C./929.1/Carmac)

Compendium of Confederate Armies: South Carolina and Georgi ISBN: 0-8160-2290-9 *there are several volumes to this set (REF/S.C./973.742/Sifaki)

Dollarhide, William. Map Guide to American
Migration Routes, 1735-1815 ISBN: 1-877677-74-4

Groene, Bertram. Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor
ISBN: 0-89587-055-X (REF/S.C./929.1/Groene)

Hewett, Janet. Ed. South Carolina Confederate
Soldiers ISBN: 1-56837-350-3 (REF/S.C./973.76/

Holcomb, Brent. Marriage, Death, and Estate Notices
From Georgetown, SC Newspapers 1791-1861
ISBN: 0-89308-150-7 (REF/S.C./929.3757/Holcom)

Holcomb, Brent. North Carolina Land Grants in South
Carolina ISBN: 0-8063-1164-90 (REF/S.C./929.3756/

Kirkland, Randolph W., Jr. Broken Fortunes: South Carolina Soldiers, Sailors, & Citizens Who Died in the Service Of Their Country And State in the War for Southern Indgpendence, 1861-1865 LCCN: 95-0680007 (published by SC Historical Society) ISBN: 1-5700318-27 (REF/S.C/193.7/Kirkla)

Melnyk, Marcia. The Weekend Genealogist ISBN: 1-55870-546-5 (929/Melnyk)

Robb, H. Amanda. Encyclopedia of American Family Names ISBN: 0-06-270075-8 (REF/S.C./929.42/Robb)

Roll of the Dead: South Carolina Troops Confederate States Service (published by SC Dept of Archives & History) (REF/ S.C./973.76/Roll)

Smith, Elson, C. New Dictionary of American Family Names ISBN: 0-517-66954-4 (REF/S.C./929.42/Smith)

Thode, Ernest. Address Book for Gemanic Genealogy ISBN: 0-8063-1526-1 (REF/S.C./929.107243/Thode)

Thorndale, William. MM Guide to the U.S. Federal Census 1790-1920 ISBN: 0-8063-1188-6 ***A MUST!! (REF/ S.C./911.73/Thomd)

Zubatsky, David. Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories ISBN: 1-886223-03-3 (REF/S.C./929.1089924/Zubats)

American Revolution Roster Fort Sullivan (Later Fort Moultrie) 1776-1780 Battle of Fort Sullivan Events Leading to First Decisive Victo (REF/S.C./973.3/Parker)

Baldwin, Agnes. First Settler of South Carolina, 1670-1680 ISBN: 87249-175-7 (REF/S.C./929.3757/Baldwin)

Holcomb, Brent. Marriage and Death Notices From Baptist Newspaper of South Carolina 1835-1865 ISBN: 0-87152-354-X (REF/S.C./929.3757/Holcom)

Holcomb, Brent. South Carolina Marriages 1688-1799 ISBN: 0-8063-0891-5 (REF/S.C./929.3757/Holcom)

Houston, Martha L. Indexes to the County Wills of South Carolina ISBN: 0-8063-0185-6 (REF/S.C./929.3757/ Housto)

Lainhart, Ann S. State Census Records ISBN: 0-8063-1362-5 (REF/S.C./016.929/Lainha)

Mitchell, Thornton W. North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, 1665-1900 ISBN: 0-8063-1361-7 (REF/ S.C./929.3756.Mitche)

Moore, Caroline T. Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina 1760-1784 (REF/S.C./929.3757/Moore)

Moore, John Hammond. South Carolina Newspapers ISBN: 08-87249-567-1 (REF/S.C./015-757/Moore)

Platt, Lyman D. Hispanic Surnames and Family History ISBN: 0-8063-1480-X (REF/S.C./929.42/Platt)


Beller, Susan. Roots for Kids ISBN: 1-55870-112-5 (J/929.1/Beller)

Douglas, Ann. The Family Tree Detective ISBN: 1-895688-88-4 (J/929.1/Dougla)

Hickey, M. Gail. Bringing History Home: Local and Family History Projects for Grades K-6 ISBN: 0-205-28169-9 (J/929.1/Hickey)

Taylor, Maureen. Through the Eyes of Your Ancestors ISBN: 0-395-86982-X (J/929.1/Taylor)

Wolffman Ira. Do People Grow on Family Trees: Genealogy for Kids & Other Beginners ISBN: 8-89480-348-4 (J/929/l/Wolfina)


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