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Links to 346 genealogically-related titles currently profiled

FamilyTreemaker OnLine

FamilyTreemaker is a genealogy software package available in both PC and MAC versions. The OnLine site offers occasional searches of their CD files.


Reunion is a genealogy software program -- a "family tree program" -- for the Macintosh. Reunion helps you to document, store, and display information about your family -- your ancestors, descendants, cousins, etc.

Genealogy Software

A link page with Mac and PC Genealogy programs. Freeware, Shareware and Demoware.

Gene Macintosh Genealogy Software

A simple inexpensive shareware program. Great for your first family tree software. It exports to others via a Gedcom.

Family Origins

Reasonably priced commercial Genealogy program.

Brother's Keeper

A Windows based commercial Genealogy program.


A Mac based Genealogy software.


A freeware Mac program with add-ons that may or may not cost extra.

Ultimate Family Tree

Commercial Mac based Genealogy program.


Order the Mormon's Mac based Genealogy software. Very inexpensive.


A $15 program for both Mac and Windows that lets you turn your GEDCOM file into a Web Site.

If you have other suggestions for software you use both Mac and PC, please send them along for inclusion.


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