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About Our Group

People Helping People

The Coastal Mac User Group is made up of all sorts of people. What brings us together is our mutual interest in and use of the Macintosh Computer and the desire to share our knowledge, skills and experiences.

You don't have to be a computer whiz to be a part of our group. We have people who have just begun to use a Mac and others who could write a book on the subject.

If you have a Mac, a Performa, Power PC, or are one of the lucky people who have a G3/G4 desk top/lap top or an iMac, and want to learn how to be more productive, learn about the latest developments in hardware and software, find out what should you get to do a particular task (and how to do it), or want to just have fun with your computer, we are the group for you.

Who better to ask then people who have traveled the same road before you and can tell you where the pot holes are.

CMUG Meetings

When: The second Tuesday of each month

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Where: The Meeting Room at Chapin Memorial Library (at the back of the library) 14th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (unless otherwise announced). If you are not a current member, we suggest you call prior to the meeting to confirm the location. We do take road trips and the library is not always available.

Meetings usually consist of a business meeting followed by a demonstration or discussion of a Mac program, hardware piece, or other Mac related topic, and ending with a question and answer period over light refreshments.

Membership Dues: $24.00 per year (or $2.00 for each month remaining in the calendar year for new members). SnowBirds ($2.00 per meeting).

We invite you to visit us for two meetings before you decide to become a member. For more information, please call any of the phone numbers listed below.



President Pat Curran

Vice President Phyllis Dunn

Sec/Treas. Gail Reynolds

Apple Ambassador Rick Curran - 236-4540

Program Chairperson Rick Curran - 236-4540

Webmaster Rick Curran - cmugrick@aol.com

Library Chairperson Phyllis Dunn


Why Should You Join the
Coastal Mac User Group?

Apple's User Group Member Purchase Program/User Group Store - offers substantial discounts on designated items to members of approved Macintosh User Groups only.

Manufacturer's special discounts on software, hardware, books, training and other products, many available only to user groups.

Software and hardware demonstrations to help you determine what best suits your needs.

Helpful monthly programs complete with maintenance hints, techniques, application and vendor evaluations and some just plain fun things to do.

Hands-on opportunities to learn about going on line for E-mail, electronic bulletin board forums, the information superhighway and more.

Software updates, shareware and public domain programs.

Access to a group of people with similar interests who are eager to share their knowledge and learn about new ways to use their computers.

Interaction with other members who can usually solve or guide you to help on almost any problem you may be having with your computer or software.

Informal, friendly atmosphere where beginners are welcomed, not intimidated. We don't talk over your head or talk down to you.

Advanced users have an opportunity to meet and greet other users with similar interests.

Share hints and experiences with others using the same equipment you have yourself. Our members use all types of Macs from the oldest to the newest as well as a wide variety of printers, scanners, monitors, modems, etc.

We can help you with problems you may develop between meetings, on weekends and after the product representatives go home for the day.

CMUG List - Find out the latest info, get funny stories, hear about some special deals, get the latest info on Mac Viruses, find out when the web page has been updated (at least once or twice a month) and more.

...and if none of the above strikes you, how about just because we are a nice group of people.


Coastal Mac User Group


The name of this organization shall be known as the Coastal Mac User Group and the name shall not be changed except by majority vote of all regular members in good standing,


Membership shall be open to all persons who own. use, or otherwise have an interest in the Apple Macintosh microcomputer and who have paid all appropriate membership dues.
Any member knowingly violating any copyright law while in attendance at a Coastal Mac User Group meeting or other function sponsored by the Coastal Mac User Group shall automatically have said membership and all associated privileges revoked and shall forfeit any and all unused dues and or other fees in possession of the Coastal User Group.
Honorary membership may from time to time be awarded to individuals by majority vote of those regular members present and voted. Honorary members shall have all rights and privileges of regular members excluding the right to hold office or vote.


Section I - Authority
a. The Executive Council shall serve all executive functions of the Coastal Mac User Group. These functions shall include, but not be limited to: directing meetings of the Coastal Mac User Group: acting on behalf of the membership as necessary between meetings: making such appointments as are necessary: and performing all such transactions as may come before the Coastal Mac User Group.
b. Executive Council membership shall consist of all elected officers and the Chairperson of each standing committee and may from time to time include additional members as shall be appointed by the Executive Council.
c. In the event a member of the Executive Council leaves, resigns, or is removed from office, the vacancy will be filled by an appointment by the President, subject to ratification by a majority vote of those present and voting at the next meeting of the Executive Council.

Section 11 - Duties of the Executive Council
Duties of the President
I . To act as Chief Executive of the Coastal Mac User Group

2. To enforce all decisions and executive responsibilities of the Coastal Mac User Group

3. To appoint Chairpersons and members to all committees, whether special or standing

4. To call and preside over all special meetings of the Executive Council as deemed necessary

5. To approve all disbursements and requisitions of the Coastal Mac User Group funds

6. To keep the other members of the Executive Council informed

7. To provide orientation for the President-elect

b. Duties of the Vice President
1. To assist the President in the performance of the President's duties

2. To exercise the powers of the President if and when the President is unable to act

3. To succeed to the office of the President if the President for any reason cannot complete the term in office

4. Any other duties as may be prescribed by the President

c. Duties of the Secretary - Treasurer
1. To keep the roll of all Coastal Mac User Group meetings
2. To prepare all disbursement and requisitions of Coastal Mac User Group funds
3. To maintain permanent records of all funds and make reports of the finances at each regularly scheduled meeting
4. Any other such duties as may be prescribed by the President

Standing committees shall be appointed by the President at the next regularly scheduled meeting after elections. Standing committee Chairpersons shall be Executive Council members.
Standing committees shall be:
I. Membership

2. Newsletter

3. Programs

4. Education

Elections shall be held in February of 1988 with terms of office to commence immediately and in December of each succeeding year with term of office to commence January 1.
Each regular member in good standing and resent at the meeting shall be entitled to vote.
No officer shall serve more than two consecutive years in the same office unless at the election. 3/4 of the voting members present vote otherwise.
The President shall appoint a nominating committee in sufficient time but, not less than a month prior to election, for that committee to select a slate of qualified candidates for consideration at the regularly scheduled election. Nominations shall also be accepted from the floor at the time of election.

By-Laws may be amended at the next regularly scheduled meeting after written notice has been mailed to each regular member in good standing. By-Law changes require two-thirds vote of those present and voting to be accepted.

Business May be conducted at any regularly scheduled meeting, or properly called special meeting by a quorum of eight regular members in good standing.
An Executive Council quorum shall consist of three members of the Council.

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Updated 2 Aug 2009