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Feb Meeting

It is hard to believe that we are 20 years old. 20 years ago, Fred, Leon, Pat and a group of Mac users met in the Apple store on Kings Highway and started the group. That was back when a 30 MB hard drive and a Mac Plus were the look of the future. We have come a long way since and so has the Mac Plus. Many people have come and gone too. To celebrate the comings and goings, the February meeting will recall what has happened in the last 20 years and what we will be looking forward to the next 20 years. We are inviting all of the old members to come back and help us.

We will talk about the SIG that grew from 4 or 5 to a large community group that spun off, thanks to Gail, Thor and Rick.

We will also talk about what is new at Apple and what we saw at Macworld, San Francisco.

There will be cake of course and lots of prizes. SO, Please come and join in the fun.

Great News

Our webmaster has moved our web site to the servers at itsamac.com. Not only do they have Mac in their name, they have Mac in their hearts. There is no PC with Windows running the show, they are using G5 Macs. It is itsamac.com's policy to provide server space to User Groups at no cost. They ask that we put a banner add on our home page that links to special deals for User Group members. So, we are not only saving money for server space for our CMUG web site, we are saving money for CMUG members as well.

Are You On The CMUG List?

If you are not, send an E-mail to cmugrick and get on the list. We have been using the list for a while now to keep members up to date between meetings. We also send some humor, tips, special offers and more. If you have an E-mail address you can hop onto the list. Sorry, we don't keep a list archive so you can't go back and see what you miss. This is not a SPAM list, we send 2 or 3 items a week at the most.
If you occasionally get something that you want to pass along to others, send it to cmugrick and I will make sure that it gets passed along to the list members.

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